Software Engineering

Software Engineering
From Full Stack SaaS to Dashboards with ETL and ELT using BigQuery.

During my time at Gulfstream Aerospace I got the bug to develop solutions to solve problems early in my career by creating an eCommerce solution by hand for online publications. It did not garner any awards, but I learned much about developing things without having an audience.

Before a lean canvas or MVP existed in our vocabulary I was learning the hard way why I should of interviewed customers and others before launching into this. We eventually shelved my solution and replaced it with an off the shelf solution. After I left Gulfstream to pursue this software development full-time. I had the pleasure of naming Gulfstream as a customer of Dently, a software company I founded with my brother, Bryan Dent.

Example Solutions

  • iOS Application leveraging Biometrics and BTE-LE written in React-Native and Swift Native Module (Digitus Biometrics)
  • Full-stack Web Application for recruiters to create landing pages to capture talent. Recruiters can weight applicant criteria and filter/sort match candidates to jobs based on this. Built using Elasitcsearch, NodeJS using HAPI framework and MongoDB. Front-end was written in Angular.
  • Full-stack Web and Mobile Application to support the Girl Scouts's annual scavenger hunt held in Savannah Georgia. Technologies used: AWS Appsync (GraphQL), ElasticSearch, Cloud Functions (Serverless), DynamoDB, Stripe, Expo (React-Native) and React (Web).
  • SaaS multi-tenant platform for Tourism (acquired in 2018) built using React-Native, MongoDB, NodeJS (HAPI), Stripe, Angular.
  • Built an iPad application to support the Dry Dock industry that specializes in cruise lines. React-Native w/ native modules supporting barcode/QR Scanning and printing using BTE-LE.

Core Technologies I work with

  • React-Native & React
  • Angular
  • Javascript
  • Node-JS
  • Python
  • PHP
  • MongoDB, DynamoDB, Elasticsearch
  • mySQL, Oracle, PostGres, MS-SQL
  • GraphQL, REST
  • DBT
  • Cloud: AWS, Azure & Google